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Social Media Strategy

This is best done after an audit of your channels and possibly a competitive analysis. I will review your business goals and work with you to establish how social media can help achieve those goals. The strategy will create or refine social media goals for your accounts, set KPIs per account, define target audiences, develop messaging pillars, set ideal posting frequency per channel, identify best times to post per channel, develop tactics to help achieve goals and create a content calendar template. 

Promoted Posts and Ads

Identify and create audiences to target promoted posts or ads to. Launch ads on ad platform. Regular review of promoted post/ad results and adjustments as needed to ensure positive results. Regularly deliver report on ad results. Creating the content for the ads is in addition to launching ads. I have set this up like this because often clients have social media ads created along with ads being placed elsewhere and they only need them placed on social media channels. Creating the ads (images/videos, authoring copy) fall under the content creation service. This includes reporting and analysis

Social Media Training

I have a variety of training available and am happy to develop new ones to meet your needs. My trainings focus on teaching you how to best run your social media accounts so you don't have to hire an outside person. Current training topics include: Facebook Ads Training (multiple levels available from beginner to advanced) Best Practices for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn How to Identify Which Platforms Your Business Should Be On How to Grow Your Audience How to Create Content on a Budget How to Take Great Photos and Videos with Your Smart Phone

Social Media Best Practices Guide

This is a guide that is tailored to your business and the channels your company is on. I will outline the best practices per channel, provide tips for monitoring and engaging, provide current image size guide per channel, create examples of responses to common questions and comments for your business and make recommendations on social media tools that may help you streamline your processes.

Content Creation

I can draft one post or a month of posts for you (or more). This can be for ads, campaigns or ongoing social media management. This included authoring copy, sourcing/cropping images, creating UTM codes and researching hashtags and accounts to tag. This is content that I can hand over to your team to publish or this can be combined with my scheduling and publishing service for a full community management package. Does not include photo shoots or creating video. This can include reporting and analysis.

Schedule/Publish, Monitoring & Engage

This is usually combined with the Content Creation service. I will schedule content weekly and publish posts live that cannot be scheduled in advance. This includes monitoring all mentions, comments, posts, private messages and reviews per channel as well as any identified hashtags and keywords, influencer, partner, industry accounts looking for opportunities to engage. This includes reporting and analysis.

Social Media Audit

Review your social media accounts insights and analytics and create a report on your current state with high-level suggestions for improvement.

Social Media Competitive Analysis

I will research your competitors' social media accounts and create a report that includes insights on each account and how the publicly available information on these accounts compares to your business accounts.

Campaign Development

Develop social media ideas and define specific components to be shared on social media that will align with the larger marketing plan for the campaign. Content creation for the campaign is in addition to developing the campaign framework. I set it up this way because often clients have internal graphic designers or social media community managers who can execute on a plan once the plan is developed. This can include reporting and analysis.

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