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I love working with small businesses but since agency pricing is often out of reach for their budgets I was not able to help the people I wanted to work with the most. I left my full-time agency gig in July 2018 to work part-time from home and spend a summer with my kids, I am now taking on clients of my own.

My focus is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and I offer strategy creation for both organic or paid social media campaigns, content creation, community management and training. Check out my Services tab for more details.

Contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help achieve your business goals via social media.

I have been helping businesses with their social media since 2004, way back to when MySpace was a thing. I have worked in-house at small businesses and large organizations and I have worked for agencies on a wide range of different kinds of clients. Everything from banks to casinos, food and beverage brands to hospitals, and hotels to non-profits.

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